Here you can find all the info about creating 3D assets, compatible with Over My NFT Section and all of its features (e.g. 3D spatial movement)
The scale must be defined in meters.
The asset must face the Z-axis using the standard Unity axes (X, Y, Z).
All model elements must be placed in an Empty element (root) and positioned so that the root is at the base of the model. (The root is the point where the NFT rests).
The velocity of the model is 1/4 the height of the model (e.g. if the model is 1m high, the velocity of movement will be ~0.25 m/s). Based on this adjust the animation speed accordingly.
Tip: You can override this calculation by inserting an Empty element in the root called "velocity" and giving to dimension y the speed you want to give to the model in meters per second.
The main animations that are used are "Idle" and "Walk". The model must contain them in its list and they must be named in this way. It doesn't matter if they are in upper or lower case.
The first 4 animations that are found in the list (excluding "Idle" and "Walk") will be added to the list of animations that can be used by the asset, this functionality will be implemented in the "quick menu" of the animations.
Last modified 11mo ago