This document will help you create 3D Assets that can be used to dress OVER avatars.

First, you need to download the 3D model of the standard avatar according to the gender you want to work on.

Once you have downloaded the 3D model, you need to import it into your favorite 3D modeling software.

Once you have imported the template you have to model your clothes and weigh them on the RIG of the chosen body.

After modeling and before exporting, you must remove the template model mesh and export only your dress and the default RIG in GLB format.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Creation must not be a duplicate item of another asset within the collection.

  • Do not exceed 3K triangles per wearable.

  • Do not exceed 2K triangles per accessory.

  • Do not exceed 1 material per wearable.

  • 2K textures

  • The thumbnail must be 512*512 pixel

  • Wearables may not mimic or copy other 3D assets that have already been published.

  • Wearables with misleading categories may be rejected.

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