Addressing Market Needs

Over is an aggregator, a community that uses a real economic system that can revolutionize AR world-scale experiences. Thanks to this system, Over represents the solution to various market segment needs.
Over aims to provide a single free augmented reality tool that allows you to live 3D quality experience contextualized in the surrounding environment.

End User - The explorer of the Over World

A single AR world-scale platform as a new 3D browser on the world
A single mobile application for smartphones / tablets / smart glasses compatible with all platforms on the market
A new advertising channel, going beyond the classic and overcrowded mobile advertising
Advertising merges coherently with AR experiences, making promotional initiatives less invasive and more engaging
Multiplayer engagement experiences in augmented reality
Over allows real time interaction between multiple users in the same place
Stable and geolocalized experiences in order to fuse virtuality and reality
Over guarantees precise positioning of 3D elements in the real world for a quality user experience and consistent with the surrounding environment thanks to the software innovations introduced
New medium to explore open knowledge
Over will be a seamless and fast way to access Wikipedia and open street map knowledge. Information will be delivered both by superimposing contend that through AI-powered virtual assistant

Digital assets investor - The one who collects OVRLands

Create passive income from digital assets
Collect fees from publishers who want to use your OVRLand for distributing their contents
Enhance the value of digital asset
The selection of the experience present on the OVRLand and the promotion aimed at bringing more visitors increases the potential resale value

Digital Media Agencies

New communication channels
OVR provides a new way of conveying brand contents thanks to world-scale experience of augmented reality
Technological opportunities to catch the customer’s attention
Augmented reality is a fast-growing trend that is increasingly requested in brand’s communication methods. OVR responds to this trend with the state of the art of augmented reality experiences
Geolocalized customers experiences
OVR is based on geolocation of contents and on their tracking inside the augmented reality experience
New investment opportunities
When acquiring strategic OVRLand the agency can associate sponsored experiences in strategic locations of interest to the brands

For the advertiser - A brand who wants to promote its product/service

OVR provides the advertiser with the opportunity to enjoy an innovative and non-congested new communication channel.
Innovative communication channel
Advertising in OVR merges with the 3D experience, thus enhancing the sponsored message.
A not congested communication channel
The OVR platform, born at a time when there is no standard for augmented reality, creates a new and not over crowded communication channel
An advertising system with transparent pricing
The decentralization of the marketplace on the blockchain allows to manage supply and demands with utmost transparency and traceability

3D digital artists - The builders of the OVR experience

Global platform to sell augmented reality experiences
World scale distribution channel for AR and VR content
Possibility to receive requests for new projects in a quick and practical way
OVR Marketplace where to find OVROwners development requests
Monetize from your augmented reality experiences
By becoming an OVROwner the 3D digital artists will be able to insert advertisers’ content and monetize with their experiences

OFFLINE SHOPS and Chain stores in general

Provide trade proposal even at a closed shop
Experiences on an OVRLand in front of stores can stimulate users even in a closed shop
Provide interactive gamification situations
Gaming experiences or general engagement on OVRLand in front of shops become a pretext for generating store traffic
Increase the number of customers with new initiatives
The user is invited to access the store through augmented reality experiences located in strategic areas or near the store itself
Virtual assistant interactions
OVR platform will provide a plug and play virtual assistant powered by state of the art NLP AI algorithms