Token Economics

All of the economic activity inside Over will be based on OVR Token exchange, funds for the kickstart of the platform and its community will be mainly based on the IBCO and the equity sale. The other form of financing for the first development of the community will be the OVR Tokens collected from the OVRLand distribution, such funds will be fully used for Users and Over Owner acquisition*.

Please refer to chapter OVRLands Token First Acquisition Mechanic for more details.

Long-term financial sustainability of the platform will be granted by three different and uncorrelated token streams:

Exchange Fees

OVRLand exchange fees: every time an OVRLand NFT is exchanged a 5% fee is applied to the transaction value. Over Content exchange fees: a transaction fee of 5% will be applied on all Over Asset exchanges.

Over Publisher exchange fees: a transaction fee of 5% will be applied to all revenues generated by leasing out OVRLand to publishers and advertisers.

In-app purchases

Users will be able to buy skins and special virtual clothes for their avatars, access to private Virtual rooms, tickets for virtual events, or credits to participate in AR/VR games.

IPFS Private Utility Asset Hosting fees

AR and VR assets will be stored on IPFS, nodes hosting the assets will be remunerated by OVRLand Owners with OVR Tokens. Placing Private Utility Assets on OVRLAnds will have a cost of 1$ per month paid in OVR tokens - per month with a cap of 100 Mb for each Land, half of the collected tokens will be used to remunerate the IFPS service providers, the other half will be used for: remunerate the network maintainers, develop the platform software and to constantly expand the user-base.

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