Davide Cuttini


Davide is a Software Engineer with expertise in augmented reality, deep learning, and blockchain smart contracts. Davide has a wide experience in the development of engines for augmented reality; engine development within computer vision on mobile and embedded systems; machine learning models for videos, audio, and text use. He also has interests in System Integration, and Robotics with a specific application in the industrial field. He works out solutions in the industrial field for companies like Bosch and Danieli Automation and he collaborates with IBM to scale-up industrial AI solutions.


Diego Di Tommaso


Graduate in Theoretical Philosophy and MBA in SDA Bocconi with specialization in Finance at UCLA. Diego has extensive expertise in innovation management. He has been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years with positions of growing responsibility up to the CEO. Lately collaborating with PwC as Senior Advisor working on strategy, open innovation, operation excellence, and internationalization. Diego is also a startup advisor and one of the founders of Unicorn Trainers, a club focused on new technologies and startup support. Since 2014 Diego developed a specific interest in blockchain and decentralized consensus mechanics, he has been a Keynote Speaker and organizer of several Blockchain events.


Dave Carr

Head of Creative Strategy

Dave has worked in Web3 and metaverse-related activities since 2019 when he joined Decentraland as its Marketing & Communications Lead. Since then he has handled business development and partnership activities for blockchain gaming marketplace, Parcel, and Web3 creative agency, Verse Digital. Dave has 20+ years experience in advertising, publishing, content and corporate communications, working for the likes of Penguin, BBC, LEGO, IKEA, SEGA, ITV, Sony, Warner Bros, Deep Silver, Ubisoft, Capcom, Publicis Sapient and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, among others. A published author, with titles across licensed fiction and non-fiction, Dave’s views on Web3, the metaverse and spatial computing have been featured in The New York Times, NBC, Wired, Reuters, Euronews and the Wall Street Journal.


Alessio Antoniacomi

Dev Ops

Over 15 years of experience in the IT industry as web developer, UI/UX designer, network manager, and server manager. Team leader, strong communication, organized, flexible, goal-oriented, adaptable.


Carlo Davide

AR Architect & Developer

Senior Developer specializing in the development of experiences in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Expert of Unity platform. Constantly researching potential developments of new technologies for Mixed Reality experiences.


Pietro Righini

Unity developer

Pietro attended ITS, where he studied UX/UI Design and front-end development. He also had the opportunity to work for some time in some professional studios where he was able to put into practice and perfect what he learnt during the UX Design course. This course enabled him to approach the world of Unity and programming in C#.


Matteo Vittori

Unity developer

Game Developer specialized in Unity with 8 years of experience and over 10+ years in C# programming with a background of 1k hours of specialized courses. Strong passion for video game development since his very young age, open-minded to learn as much as he can, and Unity engine fanatic.


Giacomo Angelozzi

3D Production

Passionate gamer and pathological creative, in 2009 he enrolled in Architecture at the University of Udine and came into contact with the first 3D modeling software. It doesn't take him long to discover Blender, a program that will become his main tool in every possible field of application, from architecture to design, from animation to video production.


Meggie Piovesan

3D Artist

She has always been in the field of arts since childhood. She enrolled at the Selvatico Art Institute in Padua, specializing in painting. She then studied graphic communication and obtained a three-year degree in New Technologies for Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. One of the courses she attended made her passionate about 3D computer graphics, which she studied in depth with a master's degree at the Bigrock school.


Antonio Dal Cin

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer and Web Designer with expertise in analysis, design, development, management, and maintenance of web-based systems. Autonomous freelancer on many custom CMRs, company portfolio websites, and e-commerces, part of the developing team in an ambitious art investments platform and a national career management system. Constantly developing skills acquired through University and work experiences, looking to gain further progression within AI and BlockChain.


Marco Gianni

Frontend Developer & UX Designer

Graduated on Web and Multimedia Technologies from the University of Udine. Stimulated to solve UI and UX design problems, I especially love to take care of the visual aspects of websites, using good graphics standards related to CSS animations. React.js expert, passionate about Crypto World.


Jacopo Mosconi

Solidity Developer

Graduated IT expert at the Blaise Pascal computer institute in Cesena, specialized as a blockchain developer. Expert in the main blockchain protocols and crypto and web3 enthusiast.


Simone Gozzi

UI & UX Designer

With a master's degree in Visual Graphic Design from the International School of Venice and 3 years of experience in Web Design, Simone is graphic designer at Over the Reality. "I have always loved good communication. Graphic design gives space for creative sensibility, communication and functionality of the latter. "


Carmen Villadar

Social Media Manager

Carmen worked as a startup consultant for over 12 years. In 2005, Carmen got involved in Second Life and moved to Germany to start a 3D web project. She was convinced that AR over the real world was the next internet. In 2014, she was listed in the Top 100 Female Futurists through her work in the European Mobile, AR/VR, and gamification space. In 2015, she coined the phrase AIoT (artificial intelligence of things). Currently, she assists OVER with social media. “I used nursing to finance my 'tech' habits. Now my 'tech' habits finance my life.”


Jessica Lima

Graphic Designer

Her passion for design led Jessica to pursue a graphic design degree in São Paulo, Brazil, which she followed with a stint at a major Brazilian television network. Prior to joining OVER, Jessica worked with several Italian marketing agencies, specializing in creative for both digital and print content, such as flyers and stands.


Roberto Xhakerri

Digital Lead Marketing

Since his early years in high school, Roberto started working on different projects developing growth strategies and becoming an expert in marketing and blockchain. At OVER, he is responsible for the customer journey and develops email marketing strategies and flows. He is constantly searching for new strategies to improve results.


Lydia Wang

PR & Event Manager

Graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science, Master degree in media and communication. Worked as a consultant in FMCG market research area with Coca-Cola and J&J China, focusing on quantitative analysis of consumer behaviors.


Alex Faraone

Head of Community

Community and Client management, revenue generation, sales, relationship building, networking, communication, engagement strategies. Expert and Specialist for more than 10 years Alex has collaborated with several Italian and Worldwide startups. Serious, honest, accurate, respectful, and punctual he is passionate about blockchain and Crypto World.


Victor Amaechi

Community Manager

Digital marketer and content creator with over 4 years of experience in the blockchain industry. He has worked with more than 10 reputable projects in the past and has once co-founded a startup in the industry.


Gianluca Sibilla

Digital Marketing Specialist

Since 2020 Gianluca has been dealing with marketing and communication in the Blockchain world. Specifically, he deals with Global influencer marketing, partnerships in the Web3, PR and communication. He has a background in law and in-depth studies in Blockchain and digital assets.


Marco Ciprian

Business Intelligence

Marco has a multidisciplinary background and expertises with a deep knowledge in Data Management and Business Development for complex organizations. He spent 22 years in Business operations and P&L Management for global companies, mainly operating from Asia, South and North America. In the last 7 years he accelerated his academic ground and operational focus in Digital products and Business Models either for global and small enterprises: he is an Over friend, early investor and now fully dedicated to the project’s growth.


Michele Zanello

Head of Metaverse

Event Michele Zanello is an experienced artist and event manager with more than 8 years of experience of working in the music industry. Michele is one of the top100 most influential italian people in music business IEMBI 2021. “I love to experiment and take artists and events to a new level of entertainment”.


Alessandro Chiandotto

Sales Manager

Business analyst and sales manager with a demonstrated history of working in information technology and service. Leveraging my expertise in Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality Systems, AI Solution and team leadership to achieve my goals. For over 6 years with a focus on automation in the manufacturing industry with AI solutions based on machine learning to emulate humans.


Gianluca Zilli

Partnership Manager

Gianluca is responsible for Metaverse partnerships, identifying and managing relationships and new business opportunities. He works closely with premium brands and leading NFT projects to advise and bring them into the Metaverse for commerce solutions.


Stefano Chiarandini

Administrative Officer

With an economic background with over 10 years of experience in corporate administrative management, responsible for personnel management, accounting, and payments.


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