Over Platform

The Over Platform is based on 3 main layers:

OVRLand Ownership Layer

OVR divided the world in 300 Sqm hexagonal Spatial Domains, mapped 1- to-1 to actual geographic locations. Just as for WebDomains, ownership of OVRLands, based on NFT standard, grants control on AR experiences in the defined geo-location

OVRLand Mapping Layer

Land mapping allows for precise localization of AR assets to geographic locations creating a bridge between the physical and virtual world. Over Mapping is a community-driven activity called map2earn. OVRLand mappers will generate NFTs representing OVRMaps of OVRLands, such OVRMaps will be valuable digital assets freely exchangeable in the market

Over SDK

Thanks to the SDK, builders will be able to use an expressive tool to connect 3D assets, experiences, and play-to-earn games to the spatial domains defined by OVRLands and mapped with Over Land Scanning. There are 2 versions of the publishing software: a no-coder web-builder and a more expressive Unity Plugin

The Over ecosystem is made up of:

  • Over Community

  • OVRLands

  • Marketplace

  • OVRLands: Buy, Sell, Rent

  • Over Experience: Buy and Sell

  • Over Adv: Buy and Sell

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