L2 Scalability

We selected Ethereum to deploy our decentralized platform because Ethereum already won the race to become the foundation of Web 3.0. Ethereum remains the most robust smart contract platform in existence. Of the top 100 tokens by market cap, 96% are built off Ethereum. Of the top 1000 tokens, 89% are built off Ethereum.

Ethernode reports over 9,000 active nodes and looking at the community of developers, Truffle, a development environment ad testing framework, is downloaded with an average of 100,000 a month with a 1M of lifetime downloads since its release in May 2015. However today, Ethereum is limited in terms of throughput (approx. 25tx/s) and gas costs are prohibitive for a high volume of transactions. Due to these scalability and costs limits, we decided to integrate into the Over project a sidechain technology bridged to the Ethereum mainnet. NFTs representing OVRLands will be directly minted and exchanged on Polygon reducing gas costs by orders of magnitude.

The security is guaranteed by Ethereum thanks to bridging smart contracts that permits to securely exchange tokens from the mainnet to the sidechain and vice versa.

Thanks to Polygon the mobile experience is enhanced removing the friction subject to blockchain and fee mechanics understanding. Over users will have a user experience similar to the web 2.0 improving in this way the mass adoption.

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